A New Brand Emerges to Take On the Big Guns

A New Brand Emerges to Take On the Big Guns


When it comes to athletic training equipment, Hypervolt and Theragun are two companies long at the forefront. They both make the kinds of products serious athletes need and share a substantial presence in the consumer space. However, their boat is about to get rocked by a surging newcomer onto the scene. The company OYeet is set to release a massage gun that just might change massage guns forever. The OYeet NEX packs all the performance capabilities of Theragun and Hypervolt in only half the size. Not to mention a third of the price.


A Battle of Massagers: OYeet NEX vs Hypervolt & Theragun

There are certain things everyone looks for in a massage gun. In each case, NEX compares favorably to Hypervolt and Theragun, even besting the two well-known massagers.   


So Powerful it Needs a Cape

The first capability is power. A comprehensive, curative massage consists of speed, depth and strength. And here, NEX surpasses its established competitors, with its 40 lbs of force (compared to Hypervolt’s 30) and speed that reaches 3500 ppm - faster than both. This is thanks to an NP35 brushless motor, made with patented NEXPower Technology.


It Can Go Anywhere Near and Far  

Where NEX really starts to shine is in the portability department. It’s only the size of an iPhone - a fraction of the competitors’ mass - and can fit easily into any bag or even a pocket. The travel pouch that comes included only adds to the unmatched mobile convenience.


The Silent Treatment

What compliments the portability of NEX perfectly is the noise it produces, or rather the lack thereof. An industry-low 45 decibels is significantly quieter than both the Hypervolt and Theragun, and means you can basically use NEX anywhere without either disruption or disrupting.  


Battery for Days, and Days… and Days

And sure, Theragun and Hypervolt come with charging stands like NEX, but neither of them can be charged with a universal USB. And when they are fully powered, they still don’t compare to NEX’s battery life, which is a whopping 240 minutes. That’s equivalent to a full month of daily massaging without having to plug it in. Speed up deep tissue muscle recovery, anytime and anywhere.

Only One Winner Here

After examining this tale of the tape, it’s clear who comes out on top: the new kid on the block. NEX has arrived and it’s here to stay. Massaging may never be the same.

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