AMRAP | OYeet NEX | Be Your Own Athlete

AMRAP | OYeet NEX | Be Your Own Athlete

There is no standard measurement of fitness. However, everyone who is physically active has their own definition of what it is fitness to them.

We want to be a brand that is relatable to everyone who is pushing themselves throughout their fitness journey. We want to be part of their journey and applaud them for not giving up.

To achieve this, we will be defining fitness through 4 fitness enthusiasts' eyes. We will be telling their fitness story and getting to understand what motivates them to keep pushing.

Here is Matt's story:
'I love sports, it helps you push yourself. There's a lot of life lessons to be learned of not giving up. Keep moving when you face adversity, that's one reason I don't want to miss anytime in the gym. Because it allows you to challenge yourself, not just in the gym but everywhere outside the gym. Any problems you encounter, troubles in your life, you just go through it.
Just keep going, never stop, and all these lessons, apply in the gym, as well as outside.'

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