King of the Hoops | OYeet NEX | Be Your Own Athlete

King of the Hoops | OYeet NEX | Be Your Own Athlete

There is no standard measurement of fitness. However, everyone who is physically active has their own definition of what it is fitness to them.

We want to be a brand that is relatable to everyone who is pushing themselves throughout their fitness journey. We want to be part of their journey and applaud them for not giving up.

In order to achieve this, we will be defining fitness through 4 fitness enthusiasts' eyes. We will be telling their fitness story and getting to understand what motivates them to keep pushing.

Here is Kiru's story:
'Growing up I had no confidence, I used to get sick a lot, so I found my confidence and my health in playing basketball and sports. I try to be my own self and try to be better each day so I took it step by step at a time and since then I never looked back.'

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